Genres: DOMINANCE AND SUBMISSION, Torture, Humiliation, Bondage, Spanking

Video language: English

Step 1 The Setup
She looks assured, maybe a adult baby smug, thonged the length of her body to a metal grate. It's an simple position for a restraint bondage pro like Wenona, known for her brawny, supple physique. But this is PD we're talking about. He begins with a thin wire rod on her wazoo. Wenona's a screecher. It's beauties like Wenona that lead one to appreciate tape and a muzzle. He lectures Wenona on the means of inducing dismay as this chab tapes her eyes. Embedded within the idea of dismay, one finds fear itself. A singular sample of the merging of cause and consequence.

Step 2 Over-stimulation as Preparation
Start with a car jack, 2 pipes, and stainless metallic anal beads. Add Mr. Pogo and a dildo. Strap the girl's head upward to restrict movement. Use a rough rod on her booty. She comes with a howl. He slips her over to the side as though bored. The lights go darksome.

Step 3 The Payoff
The Hackle, a PD creation. Wenona rests within it is grasp delicately, afraid to move. A metal bar connects her neck, wrists, and the sensitive flesh of her internal wazoo vis-a-vis an wazoo hook. The Hackle - perhaps the ultimate posture collar, transmitting each movement of the spine directly to her inward wazoo.

Steel spring clamps dangle bells from her teats. A gag screws into her throat to keep down the noise. She's made to walk, lifting every beautifully sculpted haunch high. The strain is clear. She groans and moans. A film of sweat dampens her skin. She takes on a blush. A string of drool hangs from face hole to floor. A marital-device hums in her twat. She comes, barely able to stay on her feet. But of course, this babe get to. The Hackle won't let her off that simple.

Locked in the Chinese cangue, we watch merely a head, 2 hands, and 2 legs from knee to toes. She's lifted this way and flogged. He sets her swinging. . .

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Prancing Parade | Wenona

Prancing Parade | Wenona

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Prancing Parade | Wenona