Oxygen | Calico

22 May 2016

Genres: PAIN PLAY, Torture, Humiliation, Bondage, Spanking

Video language: English

A dentist's chair sits empty, awaiting. Blindfolded and shackled, she's led to the chair. He sits her down and handcuffs lock her ankles and wrists in place. Her garments are ripped and circumcised off her body. He gropes her love melons then slips cord throughout her nipp rings to her collar, pulling the cord constricted, stretching her nipps. Her body twists against the metal holding her in place. A fresh metal face-hole creation fits betwixt her teeth. He canes her scones.

Drool runs in a stream. He uses it to lube her vagina. The Fish, a double metal hook, slides into her muff, prying her open. A sex-toy nestles betwixt the folds of her inward labia. Her haunches begin a rhythmic motion. Because now that babe desires what he's doing to her. She wishes it very much. You can watch it in her eyes and her face, in the softened shape of her face hole.

With PD, it's always greater quantity thongs. He tightens em around her chest, her neck, and her forehead. She's reclined. Her ankles are belted to the armrests so that her pussy is lifted and her legs widen. Clips fastened to her toes stretch her labia. Her cunt opens, pink and moist. Mr. Pogo pushes into her wet crack. PD canes her foot as that babe comes.

A gas blindfold encloses her head. PD attaches a catheter and bellows. This is her task for the next small in number hours. Breathing. He places the bellows betwixt her knees so that that babe can pump it. If this babe drops it she's done, a goner breathless. He vibrates her anew, but sometimes that babe forgets to pump the bellows. Because it takes concentration, coming and breathing all animal play the same time. He laughs. Don't forget to breathe, this guy says. It's subtle, the game this chab plays with her.

He makes her come many times. And then this guy leaves. And she's trying to remember to pump the bellows. It's all about oxygen.

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Duration: 33:42

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Oxygen | Calico

Oxygen | Calico

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Oxygen | Calico