Mud | Melody

22 May 2016

Genres: POWER EXCHANGE, Torture, Humiliation, Bondage, Spanking

Video language: English

Melody with her flawless pale skin is locked in the trunk of a car, her wrists and ankles cuffed. When the car stops, she's yanked out and dragged down a storm cellar. She disappears into darkness.

Her wrists are cuffed behind a pole. She lazily sinks to the floor, sitting on cold concrete. He manhandles her a bit, just to let her know who's boss. Then this chab kneels over her, his crotch in her face. He vibrates her until that babe comes. It's a way of owning anything, even her enjoyment.

He leaves her. She settles in for the night. Cold concrete floor, unrelenting iron around her wrists and ankles. Like part of a lengthy agone fantasy, her toenails are painted red.

It's a nightmare, indeed. She wakes up lying in a puddle of her urinate. He dumps a pile of grain on the floor. She eats. He drops a pail of water near her head. Then it's time for a adult baby breathplay by inflating a fake penis unfathomable in her mouth. He makes her come another time, writhing and screaming. From relief? From dread? When this guy leaves her this time, this babe can't lie down, merely sit and await. He desires her to come to his ottoman willingly. But that babe won't.

Metal shackles and chain. A metal gag in her throat. A stim locked inside her. Move these stones over there, this guy says. She clatters as that babe walks. He's wearing a jacket in the cold air. She's undressed. She slogs throughout muck barefoot, slipping from stone to stone, limping. Then that guy orders her to lie face down in the muck. What choice does that babe have? Of course it's humiliating. Maybe if that babe acquiesced to sleep in his sofa, it would end.

Certainly there's a point animal play which this babe will break. We have to assume that that babe will.

Of course.

Format: real

Duration: 37:04

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Mud | Melody

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Mud | Melody