I had my suspicions, but after I had the security cameras chase her all week, I now had the proof. Yes, Amanda was solely reporting about half of all her dances. Amanda has been caught and now that babe have to be dealt with. I ballgag and crotchrope her and then lead her into our large storage warehouse for some afternoon control. I run her crotchrope up to an overhead hoist and then I tie it off taut to the back side, tightening it even greater quantity! Now this babe can't go anywhere. I taste her booty intense a scarcely any times. She's going to dance for me now. I sit back and see her struggle with the rope constricted betwixt her legs. Too much movement for my liking, so I make Amanda cross her legs whilst I bind em this way. I add six bands of rope and cinch em all constricted. I manhandle Amanda and pull her melons out of her spandex brassiere. I slap her butt and pull on her already taut crotchrope. I leave her for a hardly any moments and return with some clamps, which I promptly apply to her teats. I sit back and see as Amanda struggles in anguish as this babe tries to maintain her balance with her legs tightly tied and crossed. She is a adult baby loud for my liking, so I remove the ballgag and stuff a rag in her face hole. I tightly seal it in with clear packing tape. The video ends shortly after.

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Stripper Punished for stealing from The Club - Part 1

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Stripper Punished for stealing from The Club - Part 1