Release Year: 1985

Genres: DOMINANCE AND SUBMISSION, Torture, Humiliation

Blazing hawt redhead Kel Bowie has been fucking herself up for our viewing fun for a whilst, but we can't let her have all of the joy. We need to acquire in on this action if we are going to indeed have a fun ourselves, and moreover, we know that this babe can take greater quantity enforcement than that babe is ready to show us out of some supplementary encouragement.
It's lunch time for our pet, and we have some beautiful heinous options for her to satisfy her hunger with. There is no thing appetizing about what we put down in the dog bowls in front of her, and like any brute she's going to have to just put her face in and eat it up, making a biggest mess in the process. We always knew Kel was a obscene gal. This just confirmed it.
Later on she'll call O.T. a great tutor, but during the time that this babe is trying to walk on her knees across a couch of rice this babe has no thing fine to say. The rice does it is work beautifully opening up miniature cuts on her legs, but this is not quite of thend of her discharge so we don't need to take it slow. Rain picks up a cat o nine tails and begins working Kel's back whilst the hot bottom tries her damnedest to have an big o. O.T. grabs a flog and goes across her mounds and gazoo with it, putting in some marks of his own for her to remember him by.

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RtB - May 14, 2016 - Kel Bowie

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RtB - May 14, 2016 - Kel Bowie