This movie begins where Part 1 ended... Wenona is agged with a shop rag and tape, in advance of being crotchroped. I use a adult baby greater quantity rope and give her a bit of a booty lift, previous to ordering her to turn and wiggle her gazoo for our joy. As entertaining as that is, I would rather watch her hogtied. I assist her to her belly. I cross her ankles and do just that, previous to rolling her on her side. I leave her like that for a whilst, previous to I place a board atop 2 concrete blocks. Wenona is then placed atop the board. It is hawt out, as u can tell by all the sweat, and Wenona's gag is sliding off. She asks for a fresh gag. I'll receive to it, but 1st I tie a rope to the rope that was used to hog tie her. It is pulled taut, arching Wenona a bit greater quantity. I cleave gag her with an elastic bandage. Sweat will have no effect on this gag. I nose hook wenona, previous to bondage her nipps off to the concrete block. This is where Part 2 ends.

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Wenona Hogtied in Jeans and Boots - Part 2

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Wenona Hogtied in Jeans and Boots - Part 2

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