Genres: PAIN PLAY, Torture, Humiliation, Bondage, Spanking

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We meet anew to see a recent Lupus Pictures production set in the time when Czechoslovakia was underneath totalitarian Communist subdue. After the success of the Stalin trilogy and the film Too Many , we introduce a recent series: Red Reformatory.

The 1st video, The Teddy Bear, brought us to an institution the Communists set up for the re-education - or, animal training least, isolation - of sons and of imprisoned or exiled parents. Such establishments were known below different official names - orphanages, homes, reformatories - but they all presented a nightmare for youthful people.

The second video of the series is called The Old Friends.

The name is descriptive: we lastly discover out the history of some of the characters we met final time. Specifically, we will find the secrets woven around the character of Warden Scheitel.

New characters will too appear. We will meet the Headmistress of the reformatory, an StB agent by the name of Vesely, and some of his allies, as well as several fresh inmates of the institution.

The story is focused on 2 newcomers (whose parts are played by the renowned spanking film actresses Niki Flynn and Adele Haze): they are foreigners, and their introduction to the communist vigour is very abrupt.

Adele (Oksana in the film) meets Niki having been arrested by StB agents. Both foreign gals end up in the nightmarish "Red Reformatory", where they have been transported by the agents. The staff are after some information, and so their pressure on the poor cuties grows. The gals give a decision to persuade one of the Czech inmates to run away with em. You can doubtless imagine how this plan works out.

In the reformatory, the rod is used as the almost all reliable means of re-education and enforcement: animal training the very starting of the film we watch Warden Scheitel, assisted by Warden Umlaufova, spank some other inmate – and we should mention that Vesely, the StB agent, is very fond of this method.

When the 3 runaways are caught, Vesely desires to watch how the rod is used in the reformatory. One of the cuties is beaten by Warden Umlaufova; the striking is harsh, the poor hotty cries and howls with soreness. However, the evil chap is not pleasured. He himself picks up the control implement, and one as well as the other foreigners acquire the worst beatings of their lives on their in natures garb skin. Taking turns over the particular bench, they are bound in position, and their bottoms are thrashed. Crying, shouting, ache, tears...

In the background of the story we watch the collision betwixt Vesely and Scheitel; their memories take us back to the WWII. We disclose their darksome past, which leads to the drama of the present.

That is all we can give away. But we get to say that the film Old Friends is one of the most good films Lupus Pictures can suggest; with it is dramatic story, unexpected turns, sharp humour and flawless, severe beatings...

You should not miss this!

DVD contains unedited versions of all spanking scenes discharged from different camera angles and interviews with actresses. These bonuses are for dvd version merely!!!

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The Red Reformatory: Old Friends

The Red Reformatory: Old Friends

The Red Reformatory: Old Friends

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The Red Reformatory: Old Friends