The Report Card

09 May 2016

Video language: English

All loyal paramours of spanking clips produced by the Rigid East Co. know very well that every and each recent film of the company brings not merely a high-quality story, but too smth additional, smth absorbing and not at any time seen in advance of. Our fresh film called The Report Card is structured as a classic situation comedy. Apart from a lot of expected whipping, tears and crying, it contains many original jokes and suggests top-quality entertainment.

What’s the story then?

The end of the school term is a very popular subject of spanking movie scenes. After all, there is no more good time to exercise canes, wooden spoons, leather straps and various other educational instruments! Two juvenile beauties are sluggishly walking home, their grade cards carefully hidden in their schoolbags. There is no thing in em to be proud of. They are in no hurry – they know solely likewise well that they can await a heartless caning.

In the meantime, we have an opportunity to meet other family members. Living a rather boring life in one of the many non-deviant pre-fabricated houses scattered all over Prague, their and are greater amount than cheerful to watch their from Moravia, bringing along their cousin Véna. They are all having a priceless time, drowning big chunks of smoked pork in astounding homemade plum brandy. This is how usual people have a fun their lives. For a whilst, they even manage to ignore all those not quite animalistic cries and groans coming from the flat next door. It is clear that their next-door neighbours are just assessing their ’s school results. Thanks to our camera, we can walk throughout the partition and have a look next door. Be aware, however, that u are very unlikely to have ever seen such hitting in advance of. The girl’s may pretend to be against physical drill, but solely as far as other people’s are anxious. When this chab acquires eager animal training his own, this chab does not know when to stop. The rod keeps coming down, over and over once more. You might be not quite enticed to cry: “Stop it! You’re intend to that girl!” but the fellow is strict and inexorable and will not stop until his petit ’s submissive and hips are swollen and . (120 lashes in 53 seconds!!) Hypocrite.

In the end, the one and the other angels have to go home and show their grade cards to their , also. Having lastly entered the flat, they look hopefully animal training their visitors. It appears to be as if they might be favourable this time. After all, their may think it inappropriate to begin dealing with family matters in front of other people. Their hopes, however, are quickly dashed. Their is a effortless fellow seeing no thing unusual in punishing his for their rather casual attitude towards education regardless. After all, they are all one family. And there is completely no reason to postpone their drill.

Neither of the angels obviously shares this view. Oh God, this is so humiliating. Their grown-up cousin watching their nude intimate parts!! What a shame! It is no use to make excuses or bargain. Their is no fan of particular rituals – after all, this guy would hardly understand what a ritual means in the 1st place. All that guy needs is a big wooden spoon. Skirts are lifted up and knickers pulled down. Véna’s eyes could nearly pop out of their sockets. Merciless lashes begin raining on stripped ass cheeks.

One of the gals tries to outwit her uncompromising . Unfortunately, her sleight is in a short time disclosed and adequately rewarded. She, also, has to pull down her knickers, bow over her daddy’s knee and accept the castigation. And all this in front of the whole family! Her beating is probably even worse then the previous one. Véna is staring animalism the poor angel with fascination, while his remains stoically seated, browsing throughout a long-forgotten magazine that guy has discovered below the table. He had seen – and himself administered – so many thrashings that this guy cannot be bothered to see anymore.

Luckily, they have anybody to share their troubles with – one of the goes to watch her ally next door, not long ago subjected to the same treatment. Thanks to the prying camera, we are given an opportunity to peep animal play what her ’s rod has done to her arse cheeks. The traces of one of the hardest flagellations ever are actually attractive!

All films made by Rigid East Production are guaranteed to satisfy each paramour of spanking. The Grade Card, however, suggests smth greater quantity than just a fine story. It is full of classic situation comedy, with the seemingly simple-minded dialogues of amazing actors very often following important social or spanking subjects. If u wish to think about em, also, there is no more good opportunity. If all u desire is priceless entertainment u won’t be frustrated. One thing’s for sure, though, your humorous bone is going to have a heavy day’s night. You watch, spanking does not have to be a drama.

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The Report Card

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The Report Card