Release Year: 2011

Cast: JG-Leathers, Ashley Renee

Genres: PAIN PLAY, Equipment, Sensory Deprivation, Electroplay

Video language: English

After signing in hoses, wires, dildos, tying and a gas veil, Ashley Renee plunged into the intimate world of helplessness and matchless raunchy stimulation. This is how u can describe the experience of imprisonment in the unit The Creature.
Has 30 years of perfection, this complex collection of devices, called the Creature - the brainchild of a Canadian author and inventor JG-Leathers. JG want to know the bizarre experience of restraint bondage has become a driving power in the creation of this device, like the creation of a mad inventor Rube Goldberg, stuffed mechanics, pneumatics and electronics. Applied to chap, the Creature acts like a dizzy rollercoaster ride, but in the annex to restraint bondage, isolation and helplessness.
In the present 70-minute movie of five parts, u will watch the model Ashley Renee, which will conclude in the Creature and running JG begin in eager flight pleasure. At the end u will discover it quite different, unusual, mild, not quite motionless, barely able to speak after the proven endless succession of pleasures.
We are honored to present this unequalled record of the Creature in act, including a detailed display of all components and witty dialogue with JG Ashley and other survey participants. The session was too filmed 145 pics (not included in this distribution) - the almost all extensive gallery showing experience that can test a woman, being enclosed in the Creature.
JG-Leathers lengthy known world-wide community of fans of unusual heterosexual lifestyle. He wrote greater quantity than 30 books, which can be discovered on Amazon, Barnes and Noble, Pink Flamingo Press. More information about him and his works can be discovered on it is simply run a search on his name - JG-Leathers. Special gratitude merits Ashley Renee reshivshayasya try the Creature and the studio RubberDynasy, kindly provided for this session, his Los Angeles studio.
As a bonus added to one of the 2 clips from the website itself Ashley Renee. Here's what that babe says Ashley about his feelings:
Dressed in the almost any surprising a leather outfit and suspended on springs taut, controlled electrified vibrator, breathing veil, to subdue my breathing, I experienced a series of the brightest orgasms literally hovering in the skies with delight. Such an opportunity is given to life one time and it was unforgettable! I was floating on springs, laced into a leather restraint and a brassiere filled with electric sextoy, circumcised off from the world, even from the air that I breathed underneath the enforcement of the Creature. It was unforgettable!

Total size: 1.1 GB in 6 files.

G-Leathers, Ashley Renee and the Creature