Genres: PAIN PLAY, Torture, Humiliation, Bondage, Spanking

Video language: English

Do u consider our production likewise meek? Or do u miss some of your much loved themes, which have not appeared in our clips yet?

Now u can have a fun an bizarre spanking video, taking place in a strict detention abode. Prepare yourself for large servings of exposed cuties, humiliation play of all sorts and – as always – vigorous spanking of precious beauties' booties.

The entire video was discharged in a single stark room, obviously reserved for punishments. The inmates are lined up underneath strict supervision of their preceptress – a nun. Their blameless faces clearly show their anxiety of what will come, of upcoming drilling and ingominy. The Headmaster walks in. The gals stand constricted and we learn what their transgression was. They were caught all in one ottoman after the lights-out. The slippery educator not merely craves to castigate em, but primarily to disgrace and spatter em. And, we need to say, this chab is valuable animal training it. Gradually, the gals receive undressed and are to confess that they fondled every other in daybed. Although it was not the truth, they were merely cold, the educator has his own truth and holds onto it. He instructs the angels to re-enact their "crime" and to touch every other's intimate parts.

And then comes the verdict. They will be beaten with a paddle over their buns and hips. The harshness of the drilling, 50 strokes, strikes em instantly. They have to take turns on a bucket in the corner of the room, pissing, so that they would not soil the bedsheets later. The preceptress ties the cuties to the bedposts with the aid of a mean-looking house-mistress. The gals have to succumb to inspection of their virginity by the goatish educator. They have to admit their masturbation activities and confirm that they broke their virginity themselves.

The gals are then beaten, one after some other receives her 50 strokes with the paddle. Exposed intimate parts are cruelly . The cuties cry and try to avoid the blows, out of success. Cruel educator has no mercy… If u thought this was the end, u were wrong. The worst is yet to come. Caustic ointment is then applied to the cuties' intimate parts to "teach them" not to masturbate. You can witness the application of the ointment by rubber-clad hand of the preceptress. Diapers are applied over the beauties' crotches and it is obvious, that the angels will go throughout Hell in advance of they are given away. Showing signs of great revulsion, they are left in the darkening room for the next 24 hours. Are u interested? Has the video struck some of your dreams, or do are u simply desire to have a fun such scene? The episode has wonderful atmosphere - the room has actually ominous look and the Moon project the image of metallic bars - symbol of tying, mortification and confinement - onto gray walls, which exceedingly contrast with youthful bare sexually excited bodies…

Believe us – u definitely should see this episode.

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Detention House 2: ...and justice for nobody

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Detention House 2: ...and justice for nobody