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Again we have an opportunity to watch a episode by Lupus Pictures; which is now set in the period of totalitarian vigour of communism. After the successful trilogy Stalin I, II and III and the related movie scene “Too Many ”, we’re coming with a pilot movie scene of a recent series named “Red Reformatory”.

After 1948, when the communists – with enormous support of Moscow – took over Czechoslovakia, they didn’t hesitate to castigate their opponents mercilessly. Some of the dissenters ended up executed or imprisoned; majority of em in labor camps.

And what about their ?

The 1st video of Red Reformatory series, titled “The Teddy Bear” brings us to a kind of institution where the communists tried to re-educate, or animal play least isolate of the imprisoned or put-away parents. These institutions had different names – Youth Homes or various educational youth institutes; and those all represented the youth’s nightmare that time.

We chase a recent inmate being taken into one of the institutes. The people working there remind us of decadent freakshow. Some of em might be convinced of the idea of class vigour, others try to hide from their past, and others are there as their own castigation, such as the doctor checking up the poor gal.

And this is merely the starting, although a very humiliating one... The beauty has the devil of a time when that babe enters her bedroom: that babe have to change into the institutional raiment and the warden takes away her final thing belonging. A teddy bear.

When the angel resists, the warden beats her on the stripped submissive. By then we realize that even this juvenile warden is not a non-deviant person. She appears to be to be attracted by youthful angels...

Time passes...

The recent inmate is difficult, this babe can’t acquire used to the institute order. Her allies (two roommates) try to assist her, likewise coz they need some peace and they don’t crave to be woken up by the recent girl’s crying each night.

The beauty receives into trouble with the strictest warden Scheitel. Neither this chab waits a second, and beats her any time that guy can. And we discover out that even his past hasn’t been so clear... It’s right after the war...

Well, when our 2 girl’s roommates break the limits and steal the teddy bear to return it to the weepy angel, the institute staff led by the main warden makes a decision to take strict measures.

All the 3 angels are in natures garb, fastened to the bench and whipped with a cane. We can hear their crying and yelling all around the abode, but the angels have no chance for leniency. One after one more, they are fastened and they acquire their painful portion. Especially these 2 beaten by Scheitel learn what ache it could be to be harshly beaten on the in natures garb sub. The shlong whips undressed butt cheeks, leaving tracks of ache behind. No tears, no screech can aid the poor angels – no thing can change the heartless man’s mind and the drilling is brought to the end...

Movie “The Teddy Bear” by Lupus Pictures has several interpretation levels. It can be a fair spanking story with all expected attributes; and on the other hand, it bears witness of one of the strangest period of modern history.

Look forward to the vids coming, the game has started...

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The Red Reformatory: The Teddy Bear

The Red Reformatory: The Teddy Bear

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The Red Reformatory: The Teddy Bear

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