Genres: POWER EXCHANGE, Torture, Humiliation, Bondage, Spanking

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As we’ve got used to, a magic marvelous atmosphere of the 30s forms the most good setting for stories full of gentle humor, net of human relationships, and particularly the majority interesting moments – of spanking.

The film stories by Lupus Pictures mix all those attributes in the right rate and thus create, with a bit of spices of character bizarreness, a smooth cocktail, captivating for the audience... So what has the bartender prepared for us this day?

An private story from a boarding school reminds of a phobia 1st. Only lightning of the stormy night flashes in the black atmosphere of teachers’ room.

Then we’re brought to a absolutely different setting – to a angel with her paramour in a sweet countryside hotel.

As in a short time as we return to school, we acquire to know other characters: school director, a prostrate fellow bent below the threat of horrible tragedy – one of the students, the greatest school patron’s

angel, has been kidnapped. Fortunately, this guy has anybody close to support him. Thus we meet the patriarch, an odd character of noble lady, whose aims are clear and unreachable.

In our story, we likewise come to know a butcher’s trade chap, the kidnapped girl’s fellow. And we get to admit that he’s a truly quick-tempered chap.

On no account that guy will put his much loved girl’s life in risk – and this guy can crack down on somebody who would like to do it.

How will we discover what’s happened?

The enslave appears to be weird in each which way, so we should interrogate the girl’s classmates. The caretaker is sent for – a specific limping stud with proved methods – WWI taught him that being precious is no precious, it takes greater quantity time and the results are uncertain...

Two charming cuties – Magda’s classmates appear on the scene. We meet em in the pont of time which they would change for everything else. But we will be happy to see...

They’re getting a worthy hitting on their stripped bottoms. The caretaker Klapka knows what he’s doing. They the one and the other have to strip and the wang on their bottoms does anything we’re used to seeing. In a very enthusiastic way...

Crying, weeping, despair of such ache and humiliation. This all causes that the 1st hotty tells the truth. But we won’t let u know this secret – the merely sure thing is that the other cutie won’t escape a harsh painful striking likewise.

And lastly, u won’t miss one greater amount striking – the beauty will acquire such a thonging by her guy that she’s at no time experienced everything like that. Her tears and pleas won’t aid. She need to take off all her raiment and the sturdy butcher’s right hand works properly on his girl’s submissive. And what weals!

So this is the final clip by Lupus Pictures – Butcher’s beauty Kidnapping. As we told animal training the starting – a smooth, spicy cocktail u won’t resist. So bottoms up!


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The Kidnapping of the Butchers girl

The Kidnapping of the Butchers girl

The Kidnapping of the Butchers girl

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The Kidnapping of the Butchers girl