A dude classmate of Janira and Izzy caught em in the professor's office animal play the end of part 1. Izzy had already been fastened up by Janira in part 1. The classmate pushes Janira onto the desk and ties her arms behind her back. Janira complains through the restraint bondage, and the classmate then Janira's tie into her face hole and duct tapes over it to keep her quieter. He proceeds to duct tape around her body, removes the tie from her throat, solely to then wrap duct tape around her head. Janira proceeds complaining throughout the gag whilst their classmate switches his grades on the professor's computer. The classmate then leaves and Janira and Izzy struggle, bickering and trying to talk throughout their gags. The classmate comes back and unties Izzy, and the 2 leave Janira hog bound on the desk.

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Janira and Izzy Wolfe Part 2

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Janira and Izzy Wolfe Part 2

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