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One meets various people. Sometimes the 1st impression is a false one: behind the veil of the common fellow we discover many different emotions, feelings, strange craves and fantasies. Sometimes they form strange fates and stories.

We like to hear those stories and we like even greater quantity to watch em on the silver screen.

This story from Lupus Pictures is called "Hidden Camera II - The Client" and tells the story about a collision betwixt a wealthy entrepreneur, an aging doxy and her 2 .

What can specie buy? The services of a doxy? Of course. But what if that's not sufficiently? What if the client discovers that the slut has 2 glamorous ?

It would be great if one could peek into their room and watch their majority private moments, their nude bodies and girlish play - out of being seen himself! And that is what cash can buy - a hidden camera to watch into the cuties' room.

We can watch anything the customer sees. One gal even pleasures herself - and the client is gratified as well. But then school troubles come - bad marks and the hotty is spanked on the naked submissive by her woman. And our lookie freak is even greater quantity delighted. Now how to arrange a spanking for second beauty as well? When the client discovers where the girl?s grade book is hidden, her fate is sealed.

But it would be even more excellent if that guy could castigate em himself. With a rod. And soundly! Can specie buy this as well?

Of course it can! The green paper is enchanted; the client's fantasies come true. He receives anything ? the gals' nude bodies, their bottoms whipped by a stingy rod. Their tears, painful cries and silent promise that this is the 1st, but definitely not final time.

Enjoy the recent episode from Lupus Pictures. Lose yourself in the story and watch all that u are maybe secretly dreaming about. Or just have a nice time and accede with us that real life contains far greater amount interesting stories than one's imagination.

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Hidden Camera 2 The Client

Hidden Camera 2 The Client

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Hidden Camera 2 The Client

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