Day Relaxing

03 May 2016

Cast: Zayda J.

Genres: POWER PLAY, Bondage, Fetish

22 year old Zayda is back animal play The Attic for her 7th visit, perhaps the messiest yet. She definitely got some boundaries poked on this one.Zayda begins her day relaxing on a filthy mattress, one leg fastened up to the ceiling by the ankle. A bowling ball hanging from the large toe. Her other leg is drawn out and has it is large toe bound off to the floor. She has one arm bound behind her back and the other bound in the front, to her chest restraint. She's wearing a couple of white pants, a adult baby also petite couple of white pants. After we see her for several minutes the Hitachi acquires slammed against her slit. She perks right up and within seconds she's asking for an big o in typical Zayda fashion. I swear, that gal can cum if the wind blows up her petticoat. I tell her no, repeatedly. She simply waits a hardly any seconds and asks another time, resistance play about the ottoman. She's making exasperated sounds, hands balled into fists and just as quickly widen back open in desperation as that babe tugs animal training her bindings. Her begging receives so insistent and despairing I receive disappointed with her and tell her to just go ahead and do it --get these pants stunk up and smutty. She blows one out into her skivvies with a great deal of screaming. Once that babe was done I circumcised her pants off and poked em into her throat and taped that in real constricted with dark electrical tape. I wonder what these pants tasted like? I went and grabbed The White Boy and pushed it up her booty. Trust me, this babe screamed and cried a entire bunch. She doesn't like things pushed up her a-hole. So I popped the Hitachi back on her wet crack and that babe screamed so fucking rough I was sure she'd pass out. After I was done fucking her booty with The White Boy that babe just laid there crying for several minutes. That's when I grabbed a clear bag, a bag I'd stored old pants in from angels that have been thru here in the final year or so, and pulled it over her Cry Baby head. I fastened that off around her neck with leather cord and started vibbing her off, her head all encased in the bag now. She just now began to screech as her bag started fogging up. She freaked out.

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Day relaxing

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Day relaxing