Brought in and shackled to the post. She fears for what is next. To her knees this babe awaits her enslave. He comes in and unchains her to the cold intense concrete. Chaining her legs. She struggles but the iron is to much. Handcuffed with thumb wristlets and toe braces it is rough to move. Wrapping braces around her elbows absolutely immobilizers her. Using greater amount braces this guy puts her in a constricted hog cuffing. The metallic digs into her flesh out of compassion. She is finished of with a blind gold and cuffed to the d ring on the floor. By the time that guy is done that babe is a bellowing mess in a puddle of sweat and drool.

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Wenona - Hogcuffed

Wenona - Hogcuffed

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Wenona - Hogcuffed

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