The Deep Impact

02 May 2016

Genres: POWER PLAY, Torture, Humiliation, Bondage, Spanking

Video language: English

The setting of Lupus Pictures movie scenes appears to be to be particular scenery, as common in the clip world. Various kinds of people of various professions meet there – these who take their part in creating the stories, technicians, who turn the story into the movie scene, but too common people from catering to stage staff. And out of those people, u would hardly ever watch any video made. Have u ever thought what’s behind the last titles, what people are hidden below the peculiar names or stage names?

One of the almost any important people in the film-making process is a screenwriter. He is usually a weird, ambivalent human being, but animal training the same time that guy is the basis for the work of others and the episode as a entire. What would a director or cameraman become out of a admirable script?

And this is the issue of our recent film “The Deep Impact”. No, no need to worry – our production company hasn’t started to produce documentaries about episode industry. In this episode you’ll have the merely opportunity to watch a ravishing mystification of the life of Pavel Stastny, the screenwriter for almost any Lupus Pictures episodes. And cuz Mr. Stastny is a dude on the right place, u won’t of course miss any attributes of spanking vids; you’ll definitely have a fun harsh beatings and flogging in the impressive torturer’s setting.

The story is a loose sequel to one of the fresh movie scenes called “The Great Role”, we meet once more our old director acted by Petr Podhajsky. Btw, do u know that that guy is the son of the real director of Lupus Pictures vids, Zbysek Podhajsky? You watch, like father like son...

Back to the today’s clip. You’ll go into the imagination world of the screenwriter Pavel Stastny and experience his fight for a fine spanking episode. Of course, nude cuties won’t be missing – you’ll have a fun their nakedness, their dismay of harsh caning leaving their bottoms dark and blue. You’ll watch stripped bodies in the shackles or bound to the flogging post. You’ll hear em crying and weeping. Well, the maestro knows what makes u feel valuable.

However, a false touch of reality appears. His crave for the possible superlatively good and naughtiest scenes is encountered by the director’s vision, and his fantasies, one after one more, break as soap bubbles.

And what’s the end of the story?

See the fresh clip by Lupus Pictures company and u won’t spare your effort and time for no thing – such priceless “torturer’s” scenes can’t be seen each day...

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The Deep Impact

The Deep Impact

The Deep Impact

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The Deep Impact

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