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Introducing u to the setting of the headmaster’s study would be like bringing coal to Newcastle. You, our loyal audience, have seen many stories from the headmaster’s study animalism St. Thomas School. Not merely were u attracted by the pedagogical methods of the head of this institution and not solely did u have a fun the spanking of guilty hotty pupils, but u likewise enjoyed the catchy stories going within the walls of the office.

The headmaster experiences many admirable and bad things there …

He was proud to watch wicked beauties leaving his office, behaving like sheep, with their minds clear and correct. He swelled with pride when that guy heard their humble words begging for forgiveness and thanking him for their torture.

And on the other hand, how superior and yet futile this chab felt underneath the investigation of the strict school inspector. How badly his suicide attempt ended. And, oh my God, how dreadful his mother’s visits can be!

In the recent episode by Lupus Pictures, with the fitting name “Nastiness”, we watch our wonderful chap in his most good mood. Everything is going smoothly and the headmaster keeps an eye on his pupils. He punishes the 1st gal for disturbing the class. She suffers 50 strokes of the rod, and her begging and crying don’t aid her animal play all. Her discipline is severe, but well-deserved. Black and blue bottoms taught a lesson to many nasty angels.

The second angel is greater amount difficult to control. Her offence (which we won’t disclose now) have to be judged by the School Council. Thus we watch many familiar faces once more. Besides our headmaster we meet Dr. Freud and counselor Ehrlich. We likewise meet some totally fresh characters – catechist Weber and PE teachers Tiersch and Henlein (however, if those names sounds familiar to u likewise, you’re right).

As a result of this great encounter, 2 other beauties come to the headmaster’s office. The Council has discovered their misconduct to be very serious for the entire society – what could possibly be worse than self-abuse?

They merit severe drilling, and in a during the time that one as well as the other the gals lie undressed and squirming, bound to the torment bench. They are aware of their naughty offence against morality and they have to expose their stripped bodies to the severe hitting given by their headmaster. Their eyes fill with tears as the schlong lashes their bottoms and weals and bruises begin to appear.

Nevertheless, the one and the other the beauties know they merit it.

We’re not going to tell u greater quantity. All we’ll say is that, as a consequence of his experiences, the headmaster has visionary abilities. You don’t understand? Well, then go and watch the fresh episode from the headmaster’s study and all will be clear.

There are 3 glamorous beauties, 3 canings, one hand beating, nudity, humiliation and DVD contains bonus materials: interview with all 3 actresses, trailers of Lupus Pictures clips and peculiar gallery. Do not miss this episode!

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From the headmasters study Pater Familias

From the headmasters study Pater Familias

From the headmasters study Pater Familias

From the headmasters study Pater Familias

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From the headmasters study Pater Familias

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