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The tales from the headmaster's study have taken on a life of their own. We have followed a big part of this worthwhile man's life, we have seen him many times as slaver and teacher of a prominent Austro-Hungarian educational institute for gals. We have experienced one as well as the other admirable and bad times with him; we have watched his diligence, understanding and sense of fair-play; we have seen how carefully this guy looks after the education and enforcement of his students. We sympathized with him when the existence of his institute was threatened, we worried about his health and life when this guy was despondent and tried to leave this vale of tears with a bottle of liquor. We wept with fun when this chab recovered his vitality, and were proud of his determination and renewed enthusiasm for the education of his adolescent beauties.

In our fresh video, there is an upheaval in the world of Mr. Stastny. We won’t spoil the surprise; we’ll just say that our popular patriarch has to confront the world of crime. Yes, actually - crime has been brought into even this scholastic haven, and by an immigrant cutie from America. Even worse - it has corrupted the pure and virgin blossoms that were the pride of this far-famed institute.

But no thing can dampen the spirit of this great dude. He succeeds in throwing the police off the scent for lengthy sufficiently to subdue the matter himself. He saves the wonderful name of the school and fends off accusation against himself. After all, this chab wishes to remain headmaster when his school is merged with the parochial school.

So 3 of his cuties, scared from the very starting of the consequences of their crime, are fastened undressed to the torture bench and severely caned.

And oh, how they suffer! Their youthful bodies tremble as the Austro-Hungarian cane paints red welts on their undressed bottoms. And how they cry and implore forgiveness from their mentor.

As the proverb says: “Spare the wang and spoil the child.” But the beauties realise that the headmaster protects em, not merely from themselves, but from the lengthy arm of the law.

The gal who caused all this suffers an even worse fate. To escape arrest, that babe also need to yield to the headmaster’s enforcement. She also gets a harsh striking whilst fastened in natures garb over the bench. But in her case the headmaster has smth peculiar in store. As that babe cowers nude on the floor this chab takes smth from his drawer – a couple of scissors.

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From The Headmasters Study Immodesty

From The Headmasters Study Immodesty

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From The Headmasters Study Immodesty