Grab and Bind: Johanna Dillon Johanna Dillon didn't make it to work on the 1st day of her recent job - but don't blame poor Johanna! Instead of plunging into her consultant position animalism a nearby jewelry mart, the usually high spirited youthful woman was pinned to a chair with rope, a gag over her face hole and terror in her eyes as this babe watched the stud who had his way into her apartment make himself animal training home! Even as this chab fastened her, this guy had said Johanna that that guy was just doing a job: she'd be held captive for 2 days during the time that an imposter took her place animal training the jewelry mart. Since the recent clients had not at any time met Johanna, this chab laughed, it would be facile for her replacement to scope out security and target the majority worthy items to be stolen one time the fake consultant made her exit! Meanwhile, this guy warned Johanna to accept her situation and she'd be left unharmed one time the scheme played out. But Johanna refused to yield out of a struggle! After a scarcely any hours, her guest relaxed his vigilance and Johanna managed to slide off her gag, then inch her chair close to his cell phone! Before this babe could speak, however, her keeper returned and, angered by Johanna's courage, that guy warned her that she'd be punished!So as her day of captivity turned to evening, an exhausted Johanna was in natures garb to brassiere and pants and tied to a stair railing with a cloth bound betwixt her lips previous to that babe was spreadeagled to her daybed for the night, her pointer sisters bared and her face hole taped! The next day, after her keeper allowed her a adult baby food and water, Johanna endured the awkward harness of a frogtie; despite futile efforts to escape her tying, the tape gagged gal refused to give up hope! Did the conspirators actually intend to leave her unharmed one time their plot succeeded?The answer came late on Johanna's second day as a prisoner. Her gloating captor briefly freed her, then informed Johanna that the plan had gone smoothly and that he'd be leaving. Of course, this babe would have to be tied and gagged one last time to delay her inevitable call to the authorities. So when Johanna heard craziest knocking on the door, that babe could merely squeal throughout the white tape over her face hole and strain with renewed energy against the ball tie that was her captor's last legacy. Once her supervisor animalism the consulting firm broke in with the security team,that guy given away a tearful Johanna and confident her that that babe was virginal in the setback their organization had experienced. Johanna's company tried to plan for all contingencies, but who could have predicted smth as old fashioned as holding a beautiful juvenile executive in bondage?Grab and Bind: Melissa Jacobs Proving one time anew that glamorous honeys just aren't safe animalism home when tying minded malefactors are on the prowl, Melissa Jacobs endured a day even greater quantity harrowing than Johanna's!Seized and duct taped into helplessness by a giant masked thug after that babe returned home from her jog, Melissa struggled throughout one harness after some other in the posterior hours! Released from the tape and still clothed in her jogging sweats, Melissa next writhed on the floor, roped and cleave gagged, whilst the burglar casually tossed her abode in search of valuables!Once the intruder had pleasured his craving for theft, that guy turned his attention back to Melissa!

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The Kidnapping Of Johanna Dillon

The Kidnapping Of Johanna Dillon

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The Kidnapping Of Johanna Dillon

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