Release Year: 2014

Cast: Winnie Rider, Amy Faye

Genres: POWER EXCHANGE, Extreme Bondage, Humilation, Hardcore, Fetish, Domination

Video language: English

This is probably the fastest Winnie Rider has ever had her day escalate. The gorgeous blond begins off with just a metal collar around her neck, answering a not many questions that that babe thought were totally harmless. Of course that babe should have known that when that babe started confessing what things would actually receive inside of her head that gorgeous much each one of em was going to end up on the menu. And they are just the warm up.

We weren't kidding when we told this escalates quickly. In a matter of minutes Winnie goes from that worthy, safe position on her knees to a much greater quantity vulnerable one on her back. Leather belts keep her legs widen wide open, showing off her nice-looking vagina to the entire world. Electrodes run up to her teats, giving em a priceless adult baby pinch that she'll totally forget about as pretty soon as the shocks begin.

When we indeed desire her to screech we use the classic ache and joy recipe that is sure to give us the reaction we desire. Take one fucking machine and over 2 dozen clothing pins strung jointly into zippers, apply one as well as the other to the target areas, and it let em work jointly for ten to fifteen minutes or until the wench has totally broken.

The torment of having her body brutalized and raw stimulated doesn't appear to be to receive to her all that easily, but poor Winnie gave us the key to getting inside of her head animalism the very starting of the feed. All it takes is a bit of humiliating and degrading petting and this babe looks like that babe is on the verge of tears. Something about it makes her skin crawl, and knowing that there was no way we wouldn't take advantage.

Format: mp4

Duration: 47:59

Video: 1280x720, AVC (H.264), 7286kbps

Audio: 109kbps

File size: 2.5 GB

RTB - Winnie Rider and Amy Faye - Winnie the Hun, Part 1 - Sep 13, 2014 - HD