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Russian Slaves #41 features 2 sensational brunettes, a virile hawt mentor, and all the right act to create the most excellent movie scene I have yet seen from this company. Some female viewers may discover Jerry likewise brutal in his treatment of the cuties; others may desire to see this over and over from the point this chab removes his shirt revealing an Arnold Schwarzenegger-worthy physique
The movie scene starts with the credits. But do not skip those cuz every name is followed by a short hot scene from the film featuring that actress (and there is no shortage of those. As this was the 1st Russian Slave clip I have seen that has credits, I just now expected smth more excellent than the past; I was not frustrated. In the 1st scene we watch 5 cute Russian beauties in short schoolgirl-style paid skirts and white blouses come into an exercise room with a wall-to-wall mirror in the background. Two are brunettes, 2 are blonds and one has a crew circumcised, a style that has latterly become popular in Russia. The beauties talk about their trainer. He is insane animalism em for their poor performance in the final game. The beauties are obviously afraid of him. One of the 2 brunettes is recent to the team and greater amount afraid than the others. Naturally that babe will be punished in the movie. The cuties begin a cat-fight with every other about who was animalism fault during the game. The tutor enters and says What is going on here? He tells em to disrobe. The extended undressing scene is well photographed and quite erotic. However, it is the very lengthy following scene that makes this episode truly stand out. First the beauties do not strip all animalism one time. Two do, then a 3rd, then a 4th and 5th animal training the coachs command. In betwixt that guy has the gals do carefully chosen exercises. Most exercises are done with the cuties holding their hands behind their heads with their elbows pulled back, which of course, emphasizes their figures and their submissiveness to the trainer. And the exercises are chosen to show off the erotic aspects of those gals. The result is one of the superlatively good spanking clip scenes that I have ever seen even though no punishments have yet occurred. In general the camerawork is more good than previous Russian Slave movies although there are still some noticeable discontinuities betwixt one section and the next. And the lighting is also bright in one part of the room. Eventually, this chab tells one of the brunettes this babe will be punished for her poor performance animalism the final game. If u have watched the episode so far, this babe is exactly the hotty u crave to watch punished. The youthful frightened intensely erotic one. The other beauties carry out the wood bench standard in Russian and some Eastern European spanking movie scenes. They tie the tense frightened gal to it. The trainer provides a skipping rope for the torment. He tells the other angels to lash the tied cutie with it. Naturally they do not chastise their ally very raw. He quickly takes over, removes his shirt (revealing an astounding physique) and the training starts in earnest. It is an excellent control scene by my lights. The slender tender angel begins crying out just now and pretty soon tears appear. There are some outstanding face close-ups. By 25 lashes this babe is quite shattered but the discipline proceeds untill all 50 blows are counted out by one of the other gals. There are some valuable shots of the frightened beauties watching this. However some viewers may discover it likewise severe. The skipping rope marks the beauties pale white skin just now. By the end her arse is a bit of a mess. Both punishments are greater quantity severe than these of current Lupus films. They are greater quantity like these in the 2 Wild Party films for these readers who have seen these. Also the demeanor of the tutor is a bit sadistic by current standards. But it works for me. I especially like the way this chab pulls the gals hair as that guy taunts her during the discipline. Next the same act is reiterated for the other equally hawt brunette hair. She is not as tender but has a great figure, marvelous face and a precious sub manner. Her drilling is too astonishing including her futile struggles to untie her tied hands but the face close-ups are not as nice as with the 1st gal. The trainer has the hawt golden-haired kneel close to the angels head so that this babe can hear the screams more good and this adds smth to the scene. Especially since that babe is in natures garb. At the end this chab warns em that the next torment will be worse if they proceed to be inactive animal play the games. And the movie scene ends. Which is fine cuz the producers do not feel compelled to show shorter punishments of all five cuties; they know 2 of the beauties are the most good; unfortunately this easy thing is beyond the powers-that-be animal play many other spanking movie companies. They feel compelled to show punishments of every beauty causing me to fast forward over parts of the clip. Overall I rate this clip 9.75 out of 10 for the exceptional cuties and their very hawt trainer. Plus the great undressing and exercise scene. If the lighting and general production values were a bit more good, it would have got a flawless 10. Even if u have been frustrated with previous Russian Slave clips, I recommend u watch this one.

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Russian Slaves 41 - Sport School 1

Russian Slaves 41 - Sport School 1

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Russian Slaves 41 - Sport School 1