Asian Fuck Doll

24 Apr 2016

Cast: Kalina Ryu, Maestro, Jack Hammer

Genres: POWER PLAY, Bondage, Domination, All sex, Asian

We couldn’t aid ourselves. We had to have her back. And if u have ever seen the legendary Asian fuck doll go animal play it, u would understand why. Kalina Ryu is unstoppable. She devours males. She just laughs animalism the knob u throw animalism her. She can not be sexually broken, we realized that lengthy agone. These days, we are content with just fucking her until we receive winded.The tying is just to give us a fighting chance. We will still lose of course, but everything to give us an edge. Bent over in half and manacled to a wooden post with her consummate a-hole jutting out, Kalina is willing to do. A veil cuts off all vision, reducing her to no thing but a face hole and fur pie. She likes it of course. Kalina was born to be a glad bag of holes. A bag of holes that destroys males. Here goes nothing.We tag team back and forth, taking whichever end we so want. The strict metal shackles keep her wrists and neck firmly in place. She can not escape or dodge the 10-pounder. All that babe can do is take what we dish out. Which that babe does. With relish. It doesn’t matter how rough we fuck her, we can not wipe that massive grin off her face. It is a futile task. She drools and cums and drools some greater quantity, an Asian fuckdoll in her glad place.We stop when we run out of breath. It is pointless to try and sexually break this one. If we didn’t have her tied, this babe would pursue us down and fuck us to . Asian fuck doll, u win anew. Like u do. We always have enjoyment trying, but the outcome is always the same. This one is indestructible.

Format: mp4

Duration: 16:46

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Audio: 104kbps

Asian fuck doll

Asian fuck doll

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Asian fuck doll