Cast: Jennifer White, Matt Williams, Maestro

Genres: PAIN PLAY, Bondage, Domination, Hardcore

Jennifer White is greater amount then just a constricted body and gorgeous face. She brings the raunchy skills to match that body. This one loves it raw and coarse, the harder the more excellent. The rougher u fucker the wetter that babe receives. Her limbs cry out for the the ropes and her holes cry out for the 10-pounder. Today is her fortunate day as that is exactly what is on the menu.Bound on our well used tying sofa in a classic fuck me position that keeps her ankles and wrists jointly, one as well as the other ends of Jennifer are fully, absolutely bare. We simply walk up and sink home balls unfathomable as Jennifer’s well tutored face cum-hole takes each single inch. And then it is on with a vengeance. Jennifer is flipped around like a ragdoll as we use her from each end and each angle we so desire.The tying keeps her strictly fastened and reduces her to her true purpose-to be a bag of holes. She takes it all, a look of bliss across her well screwed face whilst we keep a hand around her face hole. As the wang slams deeply into her taut cookie, Jennifer cums over and over afresh, her groans bouncing off of the walls. This is the type of fucktoy u wish to keep on a lengthy term basis.We do not stop until Jennifer is drilled flaccid and breath control, a cummed out shell of wench with her toes pointed to the ceiling. This is what sexually broken looks like and it is a very valuable look on her truly

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Duration: 10:04

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Tightly tied brunette

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Tightly tied brunette