Lush Redhead

23 Apr 2016

Cast: Savannah Fox, Matt Williams, Jack Hammer

Genres: DOMINANCE AND SUBMISSION, Bondage, Domination, All sex

The final time we had a serving of Savannah Fox that babe made such an impression on us that we had to invite her back for one more round. A toned all natural body, lush unshaved red hair and a gushing vagina that strongly resembles a sprinkler? How could we not desire one more serving of that? Time for game of pass around my dear…Two chairs are set up and Savannah is deposited on her knees and put to work. She flings herself into her task with abandon, a delighted gleam in her eyes and that babe wraps her lips around the biggest darksome ramrod in front of her. This is solely the warm up and we quickly haul her up to her feet and throw her over a fuck stool.Savannah’s moist bubble wazoo is perfectly bare and her pink vagina calls out for the ramrod. We cheerfully oblige, filling her up to the brim with heavy shlong. Her eyes roll up, showing the whites as big o after agonorgasmos rip throughout her fastened body. We aren’t done yet, and ramp up the pace even more.The grand finale is a weenie down that leaves Savannah gushing like a fountain. Jet after jet of squirt discharges out as that babe cums her brains out. The growing puddle is testament to just how owned her vagina indeed is. It is a thing of gal. We leave our worn out porn star lolling in her tying, twitching as her feet splash in her own cum. This one is outstanding! Always a delight my dear.

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Lush redhead

Lush redhead

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Lush redhead