Heavy Duty

22 Apr 2016

The platform awaited me; it loomed eerily in advance of me, all the tools of phobia in anticipation of my nude body. I was removed from my cage and obediently lay down. My passion was laced with dismay as I realized that it was actually happening now; I had waited for months to live this dream and it was about to become real. I was belted down to the daybed. Headphones were placed in my ears, blaring white noise and strange otherworldly sounds. My metal helmet was placed over my face and tightly secured. I was now trapped- but almost any of all trapped inside my own head. I became just now disoriented in the darkness and inexorable sound. My legs were widen and a tube and marital-device were inserted as I lay motionless and feeble to struggle or even respond. Suddenly, all the groping and probing hands were gone. I was all alone now in the darkness and the drowning endless sound. I tried to concentrate on the sound; time became my suffering. With each passing pont of time, my body sent recent messages of panic and ache: the fake penis stuffed so tightly within me, the burning of the tube, the soreness of my tied muscles. The sound was my solely anchor to reality- I began to feel increasingly disconnected from my body, from my self. My disorientation grew as I dimly heard voices beyond the white noise. I began to wonder if they were indeed voices or just hallucinatory and contained within the implacable static. When I felt suction on my bra buddies and love button, I was overjoyed! At final, a pont of time when I am connected and not alone! The electricity felt like strange prickling fingers, teasing and caressing my skin.

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Heavy Duty