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Something common for one person can cause a shock for one more. Would u think that this day some parents might chastise their cutie by putting nettles in her pants?

However, this is not a stupid piece of fiction or the screenwriter’s imagination. It’s a real story said by one of our actresses. And leaving such a topic out of using it for a movie scene would be an unforgettable sin...

The setting of the fresh clip by Lupus Pictures is the countryside in the 1950s. Our heroes are common people, but the plot of nettles in the pants appeared to be so unreal to us that u will likewise watch some bizarre beings u don’t meet each day – fortunately.

So what’s the story? Our heroines are 3 marvelous gals. One is growing up with her parents, who try to bring her up very strictly. However, the last thud on their gal is rather a negative one. She is much greater quantity influenced by 2 other cuties, , who are looked after by their fellow solely – and they abet her in many foolish things. Imagine: this babe paints her face as if that babe wasn’t going to school, but to a whorehouse. And what will the glad farmer’s wife do? A cat-o’-nine tails hangs on the wall and it’s used each day. The bare slave is overspread with stripes and bruises, and tears of ache mix with crying and yelling.

But that’s not sufficiently. She’s just recovered from one striking and one more round is coming. Her allies encourage her to shave her privates, and during the time that doing so, that babe blunts her man’s razor. And anything comes out – and now it appears to be to be very serious! The guy beats her with a hazel pecker so that that babe can’t sit on her submissive for 2 weeks. Her crying changes into full screams of pang, lastly dissolving into infirm weeping.

Nevertheless, this is still not sufficiently. The time comes to gather up the nettles. The gal has to pick em on her own, her fellow puts em in her pants and then that babe has to bear their stinging for the several next days. Also the other 2 minxes won’t receive away – we won’t miss em being beaten with a weenie. Their fellow becomes actually angry and lays into his ’ bottoms with a will. And lastly, all the cuties will “enjoy” having nettles in their pants.

And what are the extreme beings in our story? You will discover the answer in the fresh video by Lupus Pictures “...and for u I will come as well”. But who receives u? How? And when? That’s the question...

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and for you I will come as well

and for you I will come as well

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and for you I will come as well