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If you have been following Cherrys ordeal over animalism SocietySm, you are probably asking yourself just how much worse can it possibly acquire for poor adult baby Cherry? Shes surely pondering that question herself After shed been pumped for information, the motley crew did not have much use for her, a wonderful, blond slut such as this have to of course be worth a tiny fortune though shouldnt this babe? And the crew could definitely use a adult baby pocket change Cherry finds herself crudely detained previous to this babe is placed on the underground auction block. The posh, Brit seedy-socialite that has his keen eye on Cherry, surely will not be denied on this night. And that guy bids to win Cherry stands nervously animal training attention as her fresh Master inspects his prize. He is gratified and issues the command He wishes his recent gear prepared for a tryout. He is willing to have is way, cash appears to be to be no object to this stud, but alas poor Cherry, this chab does crave to example the wares Cherry is undressed, bent and tied over the wooden for further appraisel and is viciously put throughout her paces She handles her Owners jock deftly in her throat and muff. Nervously aware that that babe need to please this fellow in hopes of any remote possibility of release.

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From Bad To Worse 1 Cherry Torn

From Bad To Worse 1 Cherry Torn

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From Bad To Worse 1 Cherry Torn