TG - Apr 05, 2016 - Devilynne, Rain DeGrey

Release Year: 2016

Genres: POWER PLAY, Bondage, Humiliation, Torture

I wish a recent bottom beauty to keep in my abode. A qualified applicant needs to be able to succumb clients continuously, faithfully, and totally. Each hotty that comes to me, hoping for a position, need to be put throughout rigorous testing. Devilynne is of course one of the cutest and majority enthusiastic adult baby numbers that I have had the enjoyment of using in a during the time that. It is time to watch exactly what that babe is made of.
The males who come here aren't just looking for a quick lay in advance of they head home. They pay dom dollar for those strumpets and they wait to be able to use and humiliate em in any way that they watch fit. Devilynne doesn't just need to be marvelous, this babe needs to be tough. I'm going to whip her butt until it is bright pink from the impacts. She can screech all that babe wishes, supplicate if this babe needs to, but the solely requirement I have for this part of the test is that this babe suffer. I won't take quitters into my abode.
I have a thick, heavy belt on that I use to test the cuties, also. We have some clients with schlongs u have to watch to make no doubt of, and I need to make sure that my stable of harlots is willing to engulf and fuck for their fun. Devilynne has a unfathomable face hole, one of the most good in the business, but even it can barely fit the foot lengthy monster I have hanging betwixt my legs. How that babe handles me punishing her holes is the true test of whether or not this babe is willing to succumb beneath me. She needs to be tireless when it comes to giving her body over for some other person's gratification. If that babe can't keep fucking throughout multiple, incredible orgasms then I will have to just use her up and throw her away.

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TG - Apr 05, 2016 - Devilynne, Rain DeGrey

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TG - Apr 05, 2016 - Devilynne, Rain DeGrey