Insex – Mila 3

07 Apr 2016

Release Year: 2001

Studio: Insex

Cast: Mila

Genres: PAIN PLAY, Sexual Disgrace, string Bondage, Rough DOMINANCE AND SUBMISSION sex, humilation, spanking, electrostimulation, torment

Video language: English

The Collector

Voices tell me what to do, how to snare her, how to stuff her throat, what tape to use over rose-red lips. Design her with ropes, the Voices say, with thongs and wire. Test her with implements, measure, examine, speculum.
Her body speaks in lengthy, low sounds. Moans. Groans. Magical sighs. Fragrant beauty sounds. Female flesh, kneaded by string, by thongs so constricted they squeeze her bones, forming and re-forming her shape. They make her pang. They fold her limbs around bars, make forward identical bulbs of love bubbles, and spread her widen.
Hook her by nose and teeth. Make her dribble and drool. And smack her, the Voices whisper. Taste her.
The Voices are spare. They leak with hotty. They pester. They whine. They won't leave me alone.
Weave her like a puzzle about herself, the Voices hum. Hoist her in the air. Hook her a-hole. Perform tests upon all her delightful holes.
My holes now. All mine. To manipulate as I please. Ahhh. She has an wazoo like butter, creamy and white. And I signal whip her into smth recent, striking her into froth. Make her come, the Voices demand. Make her. I am a chap of pipes and clamps, of pins and iron margins. I manufacture her. Through my facile use of conduits and connecting pieces, that babe becomes a machine that can fuck herself. How nice-looking this babe looks to me now, suspended above in the shape of a cross, swinging sluggishly, a vision surrounded by a white and holy light. And I rest animal training final, lying under this heavenly sight, in silence. A voluptuous, stiffening silence. The Voices have gone. And I want to touch her, but am tied in place. A pin has been thrust throughout my heart, affixing me to the cold, raw ground.

Format: real

Duration: 56:30

Video: 320x240, RV30

Audio: 43kbps

Insex - Mila 3

Insex - Mila 3

Insex - Mila 3

Insex - Mila 3

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Insex - Mila 3