Release Year: 2001

Studio: Insex

Cast: BJ

Genres: POWER EXCHANGE, Sexual Disgrace, string Bondage, Rough POWER EXCHANGE sex, humilation, spanking, electrostimulation, torment

Video language: English


In the coldness of his rooms and the silence of his mind, this guy imagines her to be a gem. She is a fairy, captured animal training his whim, to be designed, but fashioned in his mind, sculpted, tempered by his forge and his fire.

She's delivered to him in a crate and wrapped in plastic, merchandise to be consumed. Oh how this guy trembles, unraveling the ropes in his hands which will initiate his terrible rapture, the advent of his of love. Without her, this guy is . Without a succession of fairies into his palace, this chab is made of wood. And so that guy buys one more beauty. He readies her, his fresh acquisition. And this guy molds her and causes her to suffer.

How many ways can a body be shaped and suspended midair? For him, it is art, not woman. He is the priest, and that babe is the sacrifice. Her flesh is the medium by which this guy speaks with his darker self. She have to be stretched, permeated, and struck. Her limbs will be braided about herself,

She is of some other world, of the forest, the air. She has lived a life of movement, of freedom, of flying. This twisting of her body with thongs and hemp is beyond her ken, as are the liberties that guy takes with his fingers and hands. She grows outrageous cuz anything this chab does is unfamiliar, and to her, that guy appears to be circumcised from stone. His kingdom is the underworld, a subterranean palace by a tonnage of unkept promises and faithless love. But this babe is recent circumcised from the radiant spring, a molten leak of sun. She is stupid to weighted creatures such as himself. She is no thing greater amount than pont of time, a passing brightness of the mind. So in the end, that babe accepts her predicament, though this babe will not at any time understand his black rapture. Perhaps this babe discovers within herself a fondness for stone, or that this babe wishes his touch, these impossibly gentle hands, or how clearly that babe comprehends, as this guy stands back and admires his handiwork upon her, that this babe has caused him to come undone. Now this babe is hanging previous to him, her body held constricted with his manner of love. And cuz her talent is wind and air and flying, in her mind, that babe soars. He sighs. He sits upon his throne. For this brief pont of time, his fierce and unforgiving pains diminish. He is held in thrall by the vision this guy has wrought. Yet the nagging thought will not go. He knows this fantasy, this vision of her, as all the others, will pass. When spring arrives, that babe will disappear. He dares not look away.

Format: real

Duration: 53:04

Video: 240x180, RV30

Audio: 8kbps

File size: 30.9 MB

insex - BJs Training December 28 (BJ)

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