Release Year: 2001

Studio: Insex

Cast: 411

Genres: DOMINANCE AND SUBMISSION, Sexual Disgrace, string Bondage, Rough POWER EXCHANGE sex, humilation, spanking, electrostimulation, castigation

Video language: English

An Invitation

By 411

Would u like
To be humiliated,
Tortured, tormented,
and misused?

Yes it may hurt
A adult baby bit
But u could discover
That u love it.

Try it, try it
And you’ll watch.
Become a restraint bondage doxy
like me.

Strip your clothing off,
Stretch and shave,
And in a short time sufficiently
You’re Master’s submissive.

Would u work
With whips and chains,
Learn to domineer,
Endure your soreness?

What if your body
Is fastened with ropes
And u lay infirm
As that guy gapes and gropes?

Would u, could u
In a box
Around your head
Secured with locks?

Or maybe overspread
With a sack
Your body is a rainbow
Purple, blue, and darksome.

Lift up your legs
And open wide
Let him explore
Deep, unfathomable inside.

Hogtied and suspended
From the ceiling
Shoulders will pang --
delight in the feeling.

He’ll see u shake
As muscles strain
Then laugh when
You cry out in vain.

Gag in your throat,
Can’t hear what u say.
You talk likewise much,
in any case.

Your body says yep
But your eyes say no.
You wonder why
You love it so.

A dunking machine!
Now isn’t that clever?
He’ll receive your head moist
With the flip of a lever.

Take a unfathomable breath
And open your eyes.
What’ll come next?
Why, it’s a surprise.

He’ll whip your twat
And you’ll begin to squeal.
But defiance yourself —
How lengthy can u deal?

Now that your body
Is writhing in pang
You can’t take any greater quantity
Without going eager
He’ll make u to big o
Again and anew.

Your world was a blur,
Your entire being taxed.
But now all is forgotten.
You’re absolutely relaxed.

Sadly, he’ll deny your
Pleas for greater amount
And send u home,
Bruised, broken, sore.

A brute is now awake,
Too large to ignore
Don’t try to resist,
You can struggle no greater quantity.

So trade a number
For your name
And accept it —
You’ll not at any time be the same.

Yes, I do like
This tying stuff.
And I will be back.
Can’t receive sufficiently.

You could have a fun it
Just like me
Give it a chance
and u will watch.

Format: real

Duration: 49:25

Video: 320x240, RV30

Audio: 43kbps

Insex - 411s Insex Cheer (An Invitation) (Live Feed From June 3, 2001) RAW (411, 101)

Insex - 411s Insex Cheer (An Invitation) (Live Feed From June 3, 2001) RAW (411, 101)

File size: 80.5 MB

Insex - 411s Insex Cheer (An Invitation) (Live Feed From June 3, 2001) RAW (411, 101)