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This is the story of PD-locks and the 3 harlots. The 1st adult baby wench was called Hailey Young. PD gave her a bit of an uncomfortable seat and decided to play with her but that babe just was not wonderful sufficiently. He and Elise Graves wanted to play with her body but that babe just could not take the pounding they had in mind. When PD threw her away that guy told, "This whore is likewise weak." The next wench was Alexxa Bound. She thought that babe was going to be up to snuff, but this babe could not even languish for him out of flopping around like a fish in a boat. It did not take lengthy for PD to acquire tired of watching her struggle and when this guy tossed her aside this guy told, "This doxy is also dumb."But the final adult baby doxy PD played with, that was Holly Wood. She followed his orders to the letter. She took the torment like it was her merely purpose in life and came as pretty soon as this guy told this babe was allowed. And when PD was all throughout with her and set her aside for later this guy told, "This whore is juuuust right."

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Three Little Sluts - Hailey Young

Three Little Sluts - Hailey Young

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Three Little Sluts - Hailey Young