Insex – Eve

06 Apr 2016

Release Year: 2001

Studio: Insex

Cast: Eve

Genres: DOMINANCE AND SUBMISSION, Sexual Disgrace, Rope Bondage, Rough POWER EXCHANGE sex, humilation, spanking, electrostimulation, soreness

Video language: English

On Friday after school, me and Amber waltz up and down the boardwalk. I wear sweaters 2 sizes likewise tiny. I don’t got any love bubbles to speak of, but my meatballs stick out worthy, doing a bounce when I walk. Couple weeks agone some man offered me a 20 to engulf his jock behind the duck discharge tent. I think this guy thought I was dumb or smth. The chap had a goofy looking shlong. I made him give me the 20 1st, plus a five just cause his dong was unsightly. The spookiest thing. After that, some mature man was giving me the one time over and this guy kind of slips up next to me. I take a large drag off my cig cause he’s staring right animal training my whoppers. So this guy says, like you’d say smth like that each day of the week, "Hey there, honeybabe, why don’t u come to my place? I’ll to tie u up. It’s a hell of a lot more excellent than engulfing cock." It was all I could do not to laugh in his face. "Like, what’s in it for me," I told. But this guy just smiled. I thought it was creepy then, that smile, u know? Like this guy knew smth I didn’t know. "I’m always around," this chab told, and by that time that guy was staring right animal training my fur pie like this chab could watch up my petticoat. Like it made me shiver, u know? "When u wish it, you’ll discover me." God did I blow him off fast. Fucking Dick. Like, soever. Last week this guy was talking to some bouncy chest freak of a honey with mambos hanging down to her knees. Like who gives a fuck about her bloated, bulky pantoons? And she’s just kind of like, throwing em around doing all those girlie kind of ho-hum moves like an and all the boyz are glued to her jelly titties. I got right in front of that chap, betwixt him and the huge-ass titties and knocked a cigarette from my pack. He snapped out a fancy lighter and lit me, just like I was a lady or smth. “I’m interested,” I told. Dude, I was so fucking suave. He has the coolest convertible, chap. Like everyone was grooving on me in that car. Yeah, one time we got to his place, this guy sat me in a chair and got off on how my elbows touched in back. And I’m thinking, u just await, honey-boy. I got what u need. But there was this silence behind me. And I don’t know. I laughed some. I laughed coz smth was getting inside me and making me nervous. It was his way, u know? Like this chab was looking animal play me different than any guy’s looked animalism me. Like I was a machine and this chab was trying me out, maybe seeing what’s under the hood or testing the brakes. “Strip,” that guy told, “But stay in the chair.” Those spooky eyes was watching me. I got chill-bumps all over. And then this rope was snaking all over me. And it got tighter, and I got scared in a way, but not scared, u know what I mean? I think I got concupiscent. I not at any time got sexually excited in advance of. He was gentle. His voice had got all quiet and soft, and now it was me that couldn’t take my eyes off his crotch. He was getting rough. And I wanted it. I at no time felt that previous to neither. He had my legs thonged to the chair real wide. And this guy touched me down there. I mean this chab indeed touched me, like that guy knew smth about me that I didn’t know. And this chab said me I was wet and juicy. And his knob was shoving out his panties animalism my face. And then this chab stuck this thing inside me. And I didn’t know what this guy was doing, but I wanted him to think I was smart and, u know, had done anything in advance of. That fucking thing was like, electric, guy. He fucking shocked me. And I didn’t like it, but I kind of liked it if u know what I mean? And this guy laughed animal play me. “Speak up, angel. Cat got your tongue?” But he’d fastened a piece of wood in my face hole. I couldn’t say no thing, guy. And I was freaking, like, shit, what have I got myself into? But I was sexy also. My vagina was all warm and I got those feelings all throughout my fur pie and then there was juicy stuff trickling down my leg. None of the boyz ever made me feel like that. They just stick it in and bounce around and maybe I don’t even receive juicy. But this stud. He stood me up and bound a pole betwixt my legs. He stuck some other pole up into my snatch. My knees went all weak. And guy, I indeed fucking liked it. Like I liked it a lot. I got so hawt. I was laughing and freaking and dancing all around when that guy started thrashing my feet with some kind of lengthy stick. And I not at any time felt everything like that up in my slit previous to. And this chab had this dildo that this guy held on my cunt. And I couldn’t stand up anymore, but I couldn’t fall down. And I Came and Came. I guess that’s what I it was that I did. I at no time Came in advance of. It’s like, wow. I mean, wow.I at no time got so moist and hawt and my nipps tingling and aching for him to touch me. And I screamed cause it blew my brain, but he’d stuffed my face hole. And I liked that likewise. I don’t go to the boardwalk no greater amount. I await for him to call. I await for his convertible. He keeps wristlets on the seat. And when they go on, I feel it betwixt my legs like I not ever felt no thing for any chap in advance of. It’s the ropes, the way they make me feel, make me desire to shriek. “Do u desire it?” That’s all that guy says when this guy calls. There’s part of me desires to hang up. To make him think it don’t mean no thing to me. But there I was sitting next to the phone expecting. Just fucking expecting. “Yeah.” “Say it. Tell me u crave it.” I take a drag off my cig and smash it out on the floor. “I wish it.”

Format: real

Duration: 25:12

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Insex - Eve

Insex - Eve

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Insex - Eve

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