Vengeance (Bonus) | Catherine de Sade

Genres: Anal Penetration, Breast Groping, Cattle Prod, Drool, Fingering, Foot Caning, Hood, Kong Gag, Leash, Metal Gag, Nose Hook, Orgasm, Pogo, Pussy Caning, Pussy Clamps, Pussy Fondling, Pussy Whipping, Single Tail, Stocks, Strappado, Vibrator, Whip

Video language: English

Lots of energy and lots of torment games. Catherine dives recklessly into her headspace, dropping headlong into the eye of a storm. Pd manhandles her. He attaches the hoist to the rope that ties her wrists to her neck and punches her in the abdomen. He kicks her. He pummels her with Mr. Pogo. Catherine eats it up.

A metal gag goes unfathomable into the back of Catherine's face hole, pressing down the tongue. Drool runs everywhere. PD hoists her onto her toes with the gag. He's unrelenting, locking her head and wrists in stocks. A rod, signal whip, a snatch tomcat. As time goes on, there isn't much PD doesn't hurt her with. He clamps her labia to Mr. Pogo then receives her off. But Catherine forgot to ask affirmation.

Her wazoo hangs down throughout a aperture. She's hooded and locked in place. She's caned, smothered, and caned anew as wire hooks twist her face into a freaky clownish grin. Mr. Pogo desecrates her wazoo, held in place by labia clamps anew. She's vibrated as that guy canes her labia. She comes large. Then she's upside down with her butt up in the air. He canes her with a vengeance. I'm sorry, that babe screams over and over. I'm sorry, sorry, sorry.

Format: real

Duration: 40:33

Video: 640x480, RV40

Audio: 94kbps

Vengeance (Bonus) | Catherine de Sade

Vengeance (Bonus) | Catherine de Sade

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Vengeance (Bonus) | Catherine de Sade