Dressed To Serve

02 Apr 2016

Well, let's begin with what we didn't know about Ashley Lane. We had no clue that all it would take is a bit of enormous clitoral stimulation to have her squirting all over our fuck couch. She says, throughout the rag gag taped into her face hole, that the Hitachi and Celebrator hurt her sensitive love button. She screams like the sex toy cramming her cum-hole full isn't exactly the kind of gratification this babe has begged us for in the past. Maybe it's the shame of having so many people watching her, live, from behind their computer screens, but one way or one more, having her cookie worked over the way it is has Ashley literally in tears.
There is a healthy compromise to be had, though. She has been chatting with and receiving suggestions from the members all day. They have a pair of different ideas on how this babe can earn some time away from the machines that are tearing orgasms from her love tunnel and screams from her face hole. She has to name a scarcely any members, count off her orgasms, and if that babe pleases em then maybe they will let her go.
By the time this babe has cum sufficiently to satisfy em that babe can barely keep her eyes open. At that point her cunt was so sore from all of the act that each time this babe came felt like torment. That's when we decided to give her smth else to think about. Her a-hole could use a wonderful beating. After all, this babe didn't perform as well as expected. We take her cheeks from their soft and pale natural state and veil em with bright red welts until her entire rear is turning pink. Then we keep going until her wazoo begins to turn dark and blue.

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Dressed To Serve