Cast: Odette Delacroix

Genres: DOMINANCE AND SUBMISSION, Bondage, Hardcore, BJ, IR,

Video language: English

Now here is smth u do not watch each day. Odette Delacroix clocks in animal training solely 5 feet high and weighs less than 85 pounds. This miniature adult baby thing looks like a beefy wind would blow her away. But potent things can come in diminutive packages. Odette is honestly one of the most good deepthroaters that we have ever met. She just hangs out on the schlong balls unfathomable, not even blinking. We just happen to have a wooden box that merely diminutive things fit in. Odette fits.

Once our petite pixie is tied in the box, we string it up from the ceiling. Both ends of her holes are deliciously naked. On one side that talented face hole is mellow for the plucking. On the other end her diminutive pale booty peeks out. It is tag team time. We step up and stuff out these holes as Odette groans in her restraints. She isn’t going anywhere. All this babe can do is take the jock we dish out.

The box spins in it is chains, rotating back and forth and giving us free access to whichever gap we so want. 10 full inches of large darksome schlong take each inch of the 5 foot high Odette. it is like a magic trick to watch it all vanish. We are of course impressed. This is box restraint bondage and mouth drill animalism it is most excellent. Those holes know what they were designed to do.

Our petite golden-haired fuck equipment is disciplined out to our gratification, spinning like a master the entire time. We leave her suspended and gently swaying from the ceiling. She will await until we feel like coming back for some other round on these taut adult baby holes.

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Odette Delacroix bound inside a box and roughly fucked