Release Year: 2016

Genres: PAIN PLAY, Humiliation, Torture

Devilynne is strolling around a recent neighborhood, trying to save souls and bring em closer to god. She sees herself as missionary, on a path set by the Almighty. What O.T. sees is smth totally different coming up to his door. He sees a hot, juvenile, stupid lady with her assets just expecting to be unwrapped. Her body is hidden below the traditional garb, but that guy knows what's underneath there as well as if this babe were laid exposed previous to him. Firm, round booty and her merry breasts are enticing him further from her message and into temptation.
The second they begin talking this chab knows he's going to have some joy with her. She wishes to know how that guy thinks this guy can be closer to God. She will be screaming for Him in a adult baby bit. O.T. knows Devilynne have to have one more side to her. No missionary has ever come to his door wearing such hawt pants below her outfit. She was looking for smth recent, and now this babe has discovered it.
Suffering is going to bring her closer to the universe. The striking, the flogging, even just the pang of spending her time in strict metal restraint bondage will give her a recent perspective on the world. It's torture, it's anguish, and even the rapture of big o can be turned against her in this fresh world. She's being screwed in the butt, cumming until this babe can barely watch str8, and instantly knows this babe has discovered her recent god.

Format: mp4

Duration: 48:45

Video: 1280x720, AVC (H.264), 7348kbps

Audio: 110kbps

IR - Mar 04, 2016 - Devilynne

IR - Mar 04, 2016 - Devilynne

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IR - Mar 04, 2016 - Devilynne