PD sets an agonizing pace. Felonie's confined in a cage, hanging in the barn for hours. Every step plays like a psychological thriller as PD not fast transforms Felonie's dismay.

In the starting, PD let us Felonie's confinement do it is work. Then this chab gives her an big o. Just a adult baby one. Just sufficiently to relax her.

She's anally impaled, rammed with a subrigid set of stainless metallic gazoo beads. Using , PD clutches her tongue and ties it outward. This crams her neck against the iron of the cage. Then vaginal impalement and she's given some other agonorgasmos, greater quantity heavy.

The dildo afresh. At the same time, this chab chokes her by making her mouth intense against the bar of her cage. Another big o, this one massive. PD sucks Felonie into her own anguish, winning her compliance and complicity.

She's sprayed down with cold water. Another big o puts Felonie in la-la land. PD's permanently altered her interior terrain.

The head cage with a metal bit holds her head even greater quantity still. Clamps on her labia are weighed down with chain. Her pussy's swollen, engorged from all her orgasms.

She sobs, and the tenor of her shriek changes, slightly warped, an unsettling sound. The sex tool not quite disappears inside the swelled lips of her slit.

Another agonorgasmos, and one more. PD slides his hand inside of her up to the knuckles. He rams all of her holes and that babe comes another time, over-stimulated into some at no time land of raunchy exhaustion.

Now she's standing, tightly belted with leather, held up by her hair. A tomcat brings her to tears afresh. She implores PD to let her down. She promises him everything. He tells her this babe get to make herself stop crying. Her face sluggishly reduces. It becomes a face that is not crying. She exchanges one unbearable condition for one more. The dissolution of one self. The emergence of some other.

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Felonie (Caged bonus  23. 9.2015)

Felonie (Caged bonus  23. 9.2015)

Felonie (Caged bonus  23. 9.2015)

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Felonie (Caged bonus  23. 9.2015)