Studio: Sexually Broken

Her Huge clitoris captured and tied, made to cum over and over!Welcome professional bodybuilder Ashley Starr to Sexually Broken. This muscle tied glamorous beauty has giant nipps and a monsterous clitoris. Wait to u watch her unfathomable mouth, u will be a fan.For her 1st scene we were not going to take any chances, we secure her widen using rock hard metal and vintage leather handcuffs from the Insex collection. Ashley is absolutely feeble, her strength and muscles can do no thing to free her. This is a feeling that babe is not use to animalism all. She normally dominates and controls dudes. Not the the other way around.We begin by applying suction cups to her teats. Her giant nipps are pulled painfully into the cups, growing larger and larger. She groans in torment, but takes it. We then lash her raw built body, her 12 pack receives almost all of the attention, however we take time to abase and impact her massive swollen clitoris. Ashleys love button is amazingly biggest, so we add some other suction cup to it. We engulf her love button up into the catheter making it 3x bigger and then tie it off with bailing twine. We bind every teat and tie all 3 jointly. Pulling her teats constricted to her clit.Ashley is pain, that babe struggles to receive free but is held in check. We hood her, cover her and poke an inflatable gag into her throat. We pump up the gag, and now her face hole is absolutely and filled. Now we can attack her love button and listen to her muffled screaming. We use different sex-aids, and this babe struggles in vain as we make her cum afresh and afresh. There is no thing in this world this babe can do to stop herself from cumming. We own her sexually, and unfathomable down this beefy sweethearts knows it. It scares her that we have this force over her. As this babe is thinking that very thing that babe cums anew, then afresh. How much can that body take? We will discover out

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Professional Bodybulder Helpless! Ashley Starr

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Professional Bodybulder Helpless! Ashley Starr

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