This video begins where Part 1 ended... Terra's wrists are untied and then ziptied behind her back. Her gag is removed as greater amount ziptied are used on her arms and upper body. She is pretty soon cleave gagged with an elastic bandage, in advance of greater amount zipties are applied. By the time I am done, Terra's elbows are crushed and then welded jointly. Her arms have likewise been cinched to her body with greater quantity of the implacable, unmerciful, thin, nylon thongs. I put her on the floor and order her to struggle. Shed tries for a short period of time and realizes that it is painful and naive to think this babe could ever escape. It's enjoyment to see her writhe and groan though. Since this babe doesn't appear to be interested in resistance play anymore, we'll just make her tying a bit greater amount severe. I ziptie her fingers in advance of Hogzipping her. Her pinky fingers are then ziptied to her wrists. Zipties are belted around her throat and forehead and then used to pull her head back. Terra didn't appear to be very motivated to struggle, and now that babe can't. She can't even wiggle her fingers animalism this point, and all this babe can do is concentrate on her breathing.

Format: mp4

Duration: 25:30

Video: 1280x720, AVC (H.264), 2916kbps

Audio: 117kbps

Terra Mizu Ziptied - Part 2

Terra Mizu Ziptied - Part 2

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Terra Mizu Ziptied - Part 2

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