TG - May 20, 2014 - Hazel Hypnotic - I Choose You

Release Year: 2014

Cast: Hazel Hypnotic

Genres: PAIN PLAY, Extreme Bondage, Humilation, Hardcore, Fetish, Domination

Video language: English

I love Hazel's soreness.

Hazel acquires it. She acquiesces that tying is hilarious. Suffering is soothing. Pain is enjoyment.

When Hazel reaches the "oh shit" zone, this babe transitions from squeals to knowing laughter. It's then that this babe realizes her situation is drilled up. She acquires the humor. The pure ridiculousness of this picture becomes clear to her: A hotty in tying hanging by her ankles with a taped up face and undressed wazoo and melons. She is drilled. And that babe knows it. And that babe likes it.

I like these who watch the comedy. Life is hilarious. And there is no reason to not indulge in it further. Hazel knows this and lives by this. She laughs when she's hurt. She cries when that babe orgasms. She receives it.

I select Hazel 1st, cuz I love the way this babe suffers. Its not a peculiar act this babe makes, or the many sounds that babe sings. It's her ability to watch her tied-up self clearly.

Whether that babe yelps or growls, Hazel means what that babe says when she's torture. When in tying, Hazel can watch her situation for what it is - untainted by any filter. With this clarity, this babe is confidant that babe can subjugate everything that comes her way. Most people can't watch that, but that babe can. I love Hazel's torment. I love the ways in which this babe suffers. All her ways. She receives it.

I elect her 1st.

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TG - May 20, 2014 - Hazel Hypnotic - I Choose You

TG - May 20, 2014 - Hazel Hypnotic - I Choose You

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TG - May 20, 2014 - Hazel Hypnotic - I Choose You