Cast: Chillycarlita

Part 1: Chillycarlita likes art. Jack Hammer makes some of the superlatively good. He's got water colors hanging in the gallery, but that isn't what we mean. His real excitement is making the models into the canvas themselves, and Chillycarlita is interested in being the subject of his next piece.
There are a small in number key elements to a glamorous work of art. The subject need to be just right. Chilly has a ideal a-hole and mangos that look like they are begging to be grabbed. The setting has to be flawless. For this one he'll try one as well as the other the daybed and the black room. And of course, an artist enjoys his work. There's no point in doing it if this chab can't have a adult baby pleasure with the angel animalism the same time.
Chilly appears to be to be having joy, likewise. At least from the way this babe is alternating betwixt giggling like a school beauty and groaning like a doxy. Whips and rope arouse her and the magic wand is so meaty that it quickly brings her to multiple, Earth shattering orgasms. She feels like this babe is floating, and it isn't all in her head. She wanted a real rope restraint bondage experience, and that isn't complete out of an excellent suspension.

Part 2: When Chillycarlita met Jack Hammer that babe thought that guy was quite possibly the coolest artist this babe had ever seen. He had an erotic magnetism that this babe just couldn't resist. He handled her body expertly and ever since that babe hasn't been able to acquire him out of her mind. He knew this babe would come back for greater quantity. It was merely a matter of time.
She was kind of waiting it to be greater quantity of the same, but there is always smth fresh when Jack becomes involved. New poses, fresh torments, and greater quantity intensity. One minute this babe is soaring, suspended in the air, and the next that babe is on her knees and face, fastened of the floor, being whipped mercilessly on the booty. It's so hawt that the pang threatens to bring her to big o in advance of that guy gives the order.

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The Curious Artist 1-2