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Jewell and Cory volunteer to do some charity work. Once the creep who interviews em for the position learns that they have no family ties or anyone who would notice if they went missing, his accomplice Jack sneaks up on the gals and knocks em the one and the other with blows to the head. The sham charity is truly a front for a white slavery ring! Soon, the beauties discover themselves tied jointly back-to-back. They the one and the other look incredible in their white blouses, short dark skirts, sheer darksome stockings and high heels. Jack shows up and gags em with cloth packing and darksome tape, then leaves em there to suffer for a whilst. A long struggle and a lot of shaking back and forth eventually undoes the rope that binds em jointly. Jewell and Cory then attempt to untie every others ropes. They struggle raw and their shoes come off, giving u some great stocking foot shots. They try using their feet to untie every other, a clumsy effort that does not succeed. Later, the beauties, wearing hot underware, are tied standing with their hands bound overhead to a post. As intense as they struggle, they can not even loosen their bonds. Jewells smooth, curvy body and Corys skinny, delicious frame undulate sensuously as they twist and squirm in restraint bondage. They whimper behind their elastic bandage gags as they are said of their fate as sex slaves to be sold overseas. Cory and Jewell are 2 of the hottest models ever and they give amazing performances in this exciting scene.Sexy Australian Chanta Rose plays a super-spy who is held captive by villain Stacy Burke. The angels have genuine chemistry jointly and make amazing foes. Chantas accent is delightful and the verbal interplay betwixt the beauties is enjoyment and thrilling. In constricted, shiny panties and dom, Chanta, is fastened to a wooden chair and ball-gagged. She is caressed and abased by Stacy. After pulling down her shirt belts, Stacy licks Chantas hawt scoops and bites her nipps. Stacy relentlessly gropes Chanta, especially after Chanta tries to head gazoo her. She slaps her milk sacks and violently shakes her head, holding her by the hair. Stacy eventually leaves her there to suffer for a whilst. After resistance play and shaking in her chair, Chantas ropes become loose and that babe escapes from her bonds. When Stacy returns, Chanta sneaks up behind her, chokes her with a rope and pinches her nose until that babe passes out. Then, the tables are turned. Stacy finds herself tied to a post standing, with arms apart and bound overhead. Chanta torments and teases her. She exposes, gropes and licks Stacys magnificent rack, then takes off her own dom and crams their zeppelins jointly. Chanta is quite the devilish adult baby super-spy. She pinches her own nipps for fun as that babe rubs her leather-clad wazoo against Stacys PVC clad crotch. This scene is very hawt; with 2 blondes, lots of rope, teasing, ache and boobs, it is a must-see for fans of those 2 outstanding performers.Stacy is tied and gagged in a cute darksome petticoat and boots outfit. She squirms around and groans helplessly, but her resistance play does no thing to free her from the ropes binding her ankles, knees, wrists, arms and chest. She looks indeed disappointed and despairing and her groaning is cute and sexy.Hot golden-haired Tiffanee is tied and cloth-gagged on the ottoman in petticoat, dominant and hose. Her mounds are large and her clothes is very skimpy. She tries so rough to break free that her high heels come off. The breasty sweetheart groans in desperation as this babe tries unsuccessfully to free herself from the taut ropes. At the end, her captor shows up and asks if this babe is willing to take a ride in the trunk of his car.

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Bound and Gagged 17

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Bound and Gagged 17

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