This is the 3rd installment of movie scenes from our visit with Hans-Peter, the fresh Studio Gum owner located in Frankfurt Germany. In those movies we watch Elise Graves in a smoky colored latex Vac-Cube. This vac-cube features thin inflexible metal tubing instead of plastic tubing. The metal tubing doesn't bow beneath the pressure of the vacuum so the cube keeps it is rectangular shape and 90 degree corners. This is a definite improvement over plastic tubing.
Elise Graves too tries on a enormous latex costume with attached hood and interior gag. This is a loose fitting dress which is nice for extended term wear. Personally, I like the loose fit cuz this is the solely practical way to experience raw gauge rubber. Once Elise is in the costume Hans-Peter binds her hands and feet into a small in number different tying poses whilst that babe squirms and coos in her rubber prison. The dress fit her quite well so this babe purchased it and brought it back to the US. You will watch this astonishing costume on this web resource in the future. All in all, everybody had a admirable time and it was a enjoyment to watch and experience all of Hans-Peter's nifty rubber toy.

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A Visit to Studio Gum - Part 5 and 6

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