This movie scene begins where Part 1 ended... I remove Riley's hood. I then begin adding greater amount zipties. I add one above and some other blow her already tied pantoons. I then push an inflatable gag in her throat and begin pumping it up. I have it pumped so full that the pressure blows the bulb off. I reattach it and inflate it another time. I wrap darksome tape around her throat to make sure it doesn't pop out. I then begin adding greater amount zipties to make her tying even greater quantity restrictive. Once her arms are ziptied and cinched as constricted as possible, I put her on the floor. Riley whimpers and struggles for just a bit in advance of I ziptie her thumbs and index finger. Her feet are next and then I ziptie em to her wrists effectively hogzipping her. She is left to suffer on her abdomen for a during the time that. When I return, Riley groans as I roll her onto her side. She is left in torment one time anew. I eventually return once more. I smack her feet and her zeppelins with a thin wooden paddle. The zipties are brutal and I give a decision that Riley has been in em lengthy sufficiently. I remove her gag and then begin scarring off her nylon bindings. Riley's expressions are good as this babe is lazily freed.

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Futilestrugglesvideo - Riley Jane Ziptied - Part 2