Cherry Doll inherited some land in the midst of nowhere. Out here people work rough all day through the summer to prepare for the brutal winters, but not Cherry. Everyone said her that she'd more good be prepared, but this babe didn't listen. She instead spent the summer swimming in the lakes, reading, and just being idle. Now it's getting cold. It's barely above freezing in the day, but animal training night it's getting close to 0. She comes to a conclusion to take the simple route and just go steal some firewood from her neighbour. He has tons of it. Surely he'll not ever notice. She is wrong and this babe is caught red handed. The movie scene begins with Cherry Doll seated on the ground with her back up against a big log. Her wrists are bound back to lengthy stakes driven unfathomable into the earth. Her ankles are fastened to stakes out in front.

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Futilestrugglesvideo - Cherrydoll Staked part1