The movie begins where Part 1 ended... Angelique's captor releases her wrists from the submissive of the post and removes the length of pipe. She watches, wondering what that guy has planned next. He pulls a cart up, with what looks like field goal up rights in the center. He lowers her onto the cart with her thighs over the crossbar, her arse into the air. He quickly bolts on one more attachment which gives him greater amount tie off points. Her arms are cruelly bound perpendicular to her torso and fastened off. A rope is fastened off to her chest restraint and bound to the upper crossbar. Another rope is fastened to her wrists and then fastened down to a tie off point on the front of the cart. Her hands and thumbs are fastened and then bound off to her crotchrope. Her ankles are fastened to the pipe running from the back of the cart up to the up rights in the center. She is then left on the cart for a whilst. Her captor lastly returns. He opens the double doors and pulls her out into the hallway and down several lengthy hallways.

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Futilestrugglesvideo - Angelique Kithos is Prepared for Transport - Part 2