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If the 1st half of 912s Live Feed was nuclear, the second half is The Apocalypse as PD let us loose a firestorm of flogging and beating. An inverted suspension exacts a tremendous toll on 912. She faints as her next trial starts. But that doesnt stop 912. Shes belted into a diabolical machine (lying down, thank God) and strongly drilled by the Pink Horror. Its a Feed to end all Feeds. But from the look on 912s face afterwards, this babe will not let PD off that easy.After the heinous tit flogging that occurred animal play the end of the 1st half of 912s Live Feed, PD unshackles 912s wrists so that that babe can kneel and thank him in a manner befitting her position. She removes her slide and underclothing, dons a couple of heels, and her hands are handcuffed back in place. PD demolishes her back and arsehole, flagellation, beating, singletailing, and breaking out a cat-o-nine. 912 weeps. She screeches. She roars with pang. It curdles the sap. Welts run one into the next, raising her body in patches, abraded, blue.

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Blow By Blow, Part 2

Blow By Blow, Part 2

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Blow By Blow, Part 2