Release Year: 2015

Studio: RealTimeBondage

Cast: Mercy West, Abigail Dupree

Genres: POWER EXCHANGE, Humiliation

Video language: English

Part 1
Mercy West is hawt. Like, truly sexy. Watch the way that this babe moves when this babe undresses exposed for us. She is not as blameless as that babe looks. Any beauty that shakes her gazoo like that has had some practice.
Of course, where as some guys and hotties may watch such a hawt piece of a-hole and become obsessed with fucking her, we take one look animalism her and come to a conclusion that this babe would look more excellent with a hardly any bruises. Ok... greater amount than a not many. We put her into some coarse tying. We're talking about pulling her arms back up into an intensive strappado, then pulling her mambos down with heavily weighted teat clamps. It opens up her butt to a striking that babe won't forget. It let us us run crotch rope throughout her legs and apply pressure to her love button.
Mercy is marvelous damn limp, also. We're going to be putting her into some ridiculous poses this day. That's why we do those shows, to watch if the hottest gals in the world can control the majority bizarre restraint bondage on the Internet.

Part 2
Let's acquire to it. We're beginning the 24/7 destruction of Mercy West. This gorgeous, youthful thing is hawt as hell and thinks this babe is willing for the kind of intensive corporal drill that comes along with a Real Time Bondage Live Feed. She can barely push around the tying we put her in.
Mercy talks a wonderful game. When we pull her arms behind her so far that her elbows are touching that babe says that babe could hold the position forever. That's wonderful. If this babe thinks that breaking her will be a defiance then that babe is sorely mistaken. We've got greater amount than sufficiently mastery to take Mercy further than this babe has ever gone in advance of. It isn't lengthy in advance of we've got her in tears.
She's a trooper, though. While she's crying her eyes out that babe at no time asks us to stop. In fact, that babe is proud of the fact that this babe has at no time used a safe word. This may not be the most excellent crowd to brag in front of. If she's not careful then they may take it as a defiance. If that babe is fortunate they are just going to put her throughout the almost any hard POWER PLAY experience of her life and that babe will manage to receive throughout it with just a not many tears, a scarcely any bruises, and some recent, highly hot, memories.

Part 3
Oh, baby, here come the water works. Mercy West is beaten, broken, and begging for it all to stop. She thought this babe could subdue the intensity of a live feed but that babe wasn't even close to willing. We have a small in number of our meaner mind games lined up for her during this final bit, and of course, no show is complete out of a grand finale.
The Numbers Game is an old beloved with a fresh twist. Mercy feels the blow of a rod that leaves her shrieking with tears streaming down her face. She's said that on a scale of one to ten the intensity was merely a 6. Her job is to ask for every level, in any order that babe craves, out of reiterating any of em. Will that babe take em in order, from 1-10? Will this babe come to a conclusion to count backward? Or is that babe going to do the smart thing and try to pace herself, mixing it up a bit? It doesn't actually matter how this babe plays, in the end our viewers are the real winners.

Crybaby Part 1, 2, 3.

Crybaby Part 1, 2, 3.

Total size: 7.8 GB in 3 files.

Crybaby Part 1, 2, 3.